Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Gil Ortega

Some years ago I reminisced about the good ol' days back in the 50's, my time. I just started sketching some of these scenes for fun, and the more I sketched, the more the memories came back to me. I've caricatured a lot of these good people just to make the occasion seem more humorous.
Scenes like the corrido group I'm sure you've seen or been asso­ ciated with many times and for that matter, still continue today.

I'm sure everyone who views this book will in someway relate to it.
Many of the scenes I witnessed, such as "July 4th Beach Party" (a more current event) also "Drifter Party", etc.

So, I hope everyone who views this book will enjoy it and remember the way it was.
Gil Ortega

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narvolicious said...


Found your site after I was forwarded your "Bad Dudes" drawing from a friend of mine, who's actually a big classic and kustom car buff.

Is your book in print? Where can I find it? You do great art...would love to see more.